about us

About us

We are passionate about hearing your stories.

We created this website to share our ideas about art with you, but also to welcome your creative work.
We want to hear about your personal and artistic background.

How do you feel when you stare at a great work of art? Do you feel exhilarated,
relaxed, or frightened?

All emotions are welcomed. Don’t shy away from noticing art.

Art can help you get a deeper insight into your true core.

We created this website to make you stop and step out of your daily routine.

We want to help you forget about your household duties, or your deadlines at work, just for a second. That’s how much it is needed to make your day. If you let it happen.

Art can be a great ally here and help you put your obligations aside and
Whether it’s watching a great film, or going to a museum all the things
connected to art can help you stay healthy and inspired.

We are living in a world where we really need art.
We are constantly overburdened by information about environmental catastrophes, social injustices,
and other current affairs.

That’s why we need to surround ourselves with art and step out of our reality. Just for a second.
With art, we can sail into our own world of imagination, filled with bright colors, soothing sounds, and optimistic thoughts.
Our website focuses on positive, meaningful, and impressive stories about the
matters we care about.
Our intention is to increase the voices of artists and work towards creating a friendly atmosphere filled with humor, innovations, and hope.