A Guide to EICR and EICR Cost in 2022

You can never be too sure of how to keep your living space completely safe and free from danger. With various hazards, it’s essential to conduct regular checks so you can rest free, knowing that the dangers are on the bay and under control! An EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) report helps identify damages or defects that indicate potential danger and suggests recommendations to the user on property improvements.

A valid EICR report provides several indications of what is wrong with your property and pinpoints the level of risk and what to do about it. With regular checkups, you can ensure that your property gets its attention! The results come in about three stages. The C1 (Code 1) indicates danger and hints at injury risk. This requires attention and needs to be corrected immediately. The C2 (Code 2) indicates a potential risk and requires further investigation on what could go wrong; the C3 (Code 3) is the safe pass; the product is declared satisfactory, and the requirements are met.

Why is an EICR needed?

With many properties in your house depending directly on electricity sources, it is essential to regularly note if the outlets and the properties are in check and safe to use. Many fires and shocks are due to a lack of identifying the faulty outlet or device. It can be pretty fatal if your electrical elements are not regularly given a run for their money. An eicr cost is considerably low and worth every penny you spend.

How often should you take an EICR test?

Electrical devices tend to wear out over time and require more checkups than new ones. A few regulations are recommended for EICR frequency according to who owns the property to minimize the risk and danger for inhabitants.

  1. Landlords- A test every five years, otherwise, during a tenancy change or purchase of new property to let.
  2. Business owners- A test every five years
  3. Homeowners- A test every ten years if there is no swimming pool; otherwise, it should be checked every year.
What does an EICR cost depend on?
  1. Property Size- With direct proportionality, more significant properties usually contain a lot of electrical fixtures, thereby increasing the cost.
  2. Location- The standard rate varies between states and private and local electricians!
  3. Age- With time, as electrical fixtures wear out, more inspection and correction are required compared to new ones.
  4. Inspection- If your property needs fixes or additional changes, the cost will add to the EICR

An EICR is done by a professional electrician and ensures that the property is safe to live in. With the modern age featuring more electrical dependence and higher-order fixtures for better features, the costs of EICRs are steadily increasing. However, the price is still worth getting a regular check on your and your family’s safety. To know more about the EICR cost, feel free to look over the web and gather more info.

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