Cms a best call-in hotline system

What is a call-in hotline system?

Through our call-in hotline system, you can effectively manage the activity when an employee is absent. call-in hotline system informs the company about the absence of an employee and notifies the company of all its activity. The top benefits of our call-in hotline system are

You can save time and money

If you manually mark the attendance of students, it will take more time and effort. That is why you need a system that takes care of it. Our automated software takes care of everything. It records the data, saves the data, and does everything to reduce the manual work and help you increase your work efficiency.

It prevents work interruption.

Our automated system informs your organization and people of the absence of an employee and immediately suggests all the workflow be done by that employee on that day.

increases productivity.

If you manually do all the work, you spend a lot of time and resources. If you do instead, take help from our automated software. All things will be done on autopilot and you will increase your productivity.

helps with multitasking.

Our system can perform a variety of making tasks that you cannot do manually. The absence management of an employee can be easily managed by our system.

Helps in creating employee policies

When employees do not complete the work on time and do wrong work, this decreases the productivity of businesses. Our CMS system can help you to create the company’s policies so that every new employee will learn and follow them.

Absence reporting hotline

Our hotline features a dedicated phone number that employees can take help call from our phone number.

One important employee policy is the employee call-in procedure. The organization needs to have a system through which they can call We have both live operators and an IVR-based call tracking system at CMS.

A toll-free number is generally used for this work. The calling process is extremely convenient.

HR and Supervisor notifications

When an employee is absent, its absence impacts the entire organization and team, which is why you need a system that immediately informs the appropriate parties on an immediate basis. This system sends notifications to the right people. As an example, our system can send notifications to production line managers, shift leads, department heads, or multiple contacts. These messages are sent via email or SMS and can be seen on the online dashboard.

Attendance tracking system

Employee attendance reports are very essential for any business. A quality attendance report should be exact and precise, and that is why you need a system that generates quality reports.


Employee absence can create a negative impact on business and that is why when an employee is not present, their absence should be filled immediately. Our system assists in filling the details by notifying the appropriate parties. If the employee is absent, our system immediately notifies the business and company to complete the work of that employee.

Through our cms solution, productivity gets increased. Our cms solution is best for you. It is going to improve the efficiency of work as well as management of work.

Employee Attendance Policy

You can effectively manage attendance using our attendance policy system. the attendance report filling will be done on auto mode. The labor work required to fill the attendance is now gone. The system does all the work in auto mode.

call in hotline system has so many features that help you to increase the productivity of the organization.

The above are the top features and apart from this, there are other features which you get with our system.

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