How Can Bitmex Leaderboard Help You Learning Bitcoin Investment?

The monitoring is done on the bitmex website, with data collected in 24 hours is what the bitmex leaderboard is. Based on the performance of traders, the bitmex leaderboard position is determined. The overall performance in the bitcoin is taken when the user has a short or long position. So when the user’s overall profit is increased, guess what? The bitcoin price is also increased! So it is a long-form performance, as you can see. While the same happened with the bitcoin price decreased, the situation is different. Not every time, the user will be getting ahead. So when the overall performance is decreased, the user has an open short position. 

Determination Of Position In The Bitcoin Market
What do you think determines the position of the user in the bitcoin market. Their overall position does matter. But also, the fluctuating bitcoin price does matter. It determines whether the user has a long-form or short-form position inside the leaderboard. And these metrics are more useful for big players. So the big players are called to be whales on the leaderboard. 

Where Do They Publish Long And Short Positions Are Posted?

So as you have already understood that these long and short positions are more useful for whales. So, where does the result is published? It is at trollbox they publish the last 24-hour overview. The trollbox is also called bitmex chat. The user has to publish their overview in the same manner. Otherwise, they will be eliminated from the trollbox. Every time a new position is updated, positions get updated in the trollbox. 

It will help us to take an overall evaluation of the trading nature. Yes, as the bitcoin price fluctuates, there is a change in position in the leaderboard. We can take a thorough evaluation to study the same. How are they differentiated?

  • Those having the long open position will be shown as rows with green text.
  • Those with opened short positions will be shown as rows with red text. 
  • About 1000 will be shown in the same list of leaderboards. 

We cannot determine if the position showing in the bitmex leaderboard is still valid and existing. Those that are seen with the most recent time passed have high relevance. And the least likelihood for the one that is showing time passed for the older one. Based on the current bitcoin price, the profit that is deserved for the position is determined. The overall long and short positions above the table are calculated by taking the sum of each on the sides. The total number of contracts will be shown inside the box.

What Do You Know About Ethereum/Bitcoin Dominance?

By dominance, it means that their capitalization in the whole cryptocurrency world. The trends can be identified with the dominance chart. When the bitcoin, ethereum values are increasing, the value of altcoins is decreasing. Because bitcoin and ethereum belong to the large in the cryptocurrency world. The market cap means the total value of the cryptocurrency. For comparing the total size of the cryptocurrency, the market cap is utilized. 

So in 2021, let us take a look at the takeover of cryptocurrency in the industry. People are so obsessed with crypto. Since people don’t follow any strategy, they end up losing a big amount of money. While only a few people learn from their mistakes and analyzing comes with better strategies. And following this strategy, which is constantly improved with time are made a profit. So it is all about patience and hard work. And utilizing features just like I mentioned above helps get clear-cut information of how much you can earn. Thus research and network a lot as you can. It will not only help you get better but also can make an awesome community by that. Sharing knowledge will help in analytics and become pro in the same within few time itself. 

In this pandemic season, people are feeling tougher with their permanent income. People are forced to find a better job, and some people are losing their job. At the same time, others are doing business to earn a more stable income. Among these, take one more as a crypto investment too. It will help you to have a side income to save for the future.  

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