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All of us love to go on vacation once in a while to rejuvenate and refresh ourselves, don’t we? While that’s the most common reason, there are also other reasons for people to travel around the world. These include mainly students moving abroad for studies however they tend to move for years together. Apart from them, many people seek to go on adventurous trips, some go on trips to find their inner peace such as pilgrimages and so many more. In addition to the group, there are people who travel solely for the purpose of discovering the different roads that lead to different destinations. They travel just to soak into the beauty of nature This article emphasises what a motel is and in detail about The triangle motel.

What exactly is A Motel?

People who travel on a routine basis to indulge in the spirit of travelling or more commonly the motorists who ride on highways for longer distances stay at places just to fulfil their basic needs of the day and eventually move to another spot the following day. They do not expect to stay in luxurious hotels or resorts or even fairly high-end stays rather they only look out for places just to spend the night. Places that are designed for people with such needs are referred to as Motel. A motel can be more specifically defined as a place that is located just on the highways or roads with ample parking space facilities for free of cost, where-in the access to each room in the building has a direct entry from the road or parking area. They don’t have a separate reception area as such for checking in and checking out but rather a direct entry to the rooms from the parking area or the road. Since there were initially built for the sake of motorists they were addressed to as motor hotels in earlier days. The ultimate objective of building a motel was to offer affordable – easy and cheap stays or stops for those people travelling long distances. The location of motels is usually confined to the city’s outskirts and remote highways in contrast to that of the hotel which is majorly located in the middle of the city. Their location is chosen in order to facilitate the allowance of a wide parking space and for easier accessibility from car or bike to their room directly. As the highway system started getting more and more developed the concept of motels also began to see a drastic escalation.

How does a motel differ from a hotel?

If you wonder what features of a motel could differentiate it from a hotel, then the following are the features :

The intention of hotels is to facilitate areas for longer stays, thus providing every facility required on a day-to-day basis to its customers. However, the motels are intended only for a very short span of stay which barely lasts two nights. This is the reason why the amenities of a hotel are vast and includes many additional facilities than that of a motel such as a gym, lounges and restaurants

The security system of a hotel is far more sophisticated than that of a motel.

They employ more skilled and trained staff, hence offering the best hospitality too.

However, motels are priced at very low costs when compared to that of hotels which are priced on the higher end.

Conclusion: There are many triangle motels which can be browsed on the internet. There are a bunch of websites that have their properties listed out, you can choose your preferred one based on your preferences.

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