What do you know about trading online vouchers

What Are the Eligible Criteria for the TOV?

To be eligible for the TOV, your business should satisfy the following criteria:

  1. Limited Electronic Trading Presence
  2. Less than ten employees
  3. Turnover less than €2 million
  4. Applicant business must have been trading for the at least six months
  5. Business must be situated in the river basin 

What Projects Do Not Qualify for the TOV?

The trading online voucher is not available for projects that fall into one or more of the following categories. 

  1. Charities, advertising, trade associations, or business groups
  2. IT companies
  3. Conferences and Seminars
  4. Not for Profit’ or social entrepreneurial applicants 
  5. Duplication of assistance for projects that would be eligible for support from other State Agencies of EU-funded Operational Programmes
  6. Businesses employing more than ten people
  7. Projects that are deemed capable of moving forward without the assistance of the scheme, e.g. deadweight
  8. Projects that primarily involve importation as well as distribution

What documents must be included in the package?

You must also submit the following documents in addition to the Application Form:

A copy of three quotations from three different suppliers. Evidence of ability to trade duration. This requirement may be waived if you cannot provide three quotes, for example, whether there are multi-project components and obtaining three quotes is ‘overly burdensome.’ The application is then assessed based on the available quotes.

If this is the case, you should seek advice from LEO before having to apply.

Details about the project’s elements

You will be required to pick project element details from a list in the Application Form, including:

  • Information Technology Consultation
  • Managing Projects
  • A new eCommerce site has been launched from the beginning
  • Enhance an existing eCommerce site
  • System for managing content
  • Development of mobile applications
  • Plan for digital marketing
  • Advertising on the Internet, Training
  • Web-based copywriting, Optimisation for search engines (SEO)
  • Web-based analytics


The application forms will be evaluated by an evaluation committee, which will make suggestions for approval.

The following criteria are used to make recommendations:

  1. Eligibility to participate in the scheme
  2. Possibility of adding value
  3. Potential for export
  4. Possibility of job creation
  5. Long-term financial viability


You will have three months from when you make the letter of offer to complete the work outlined in your application form.

Following a joint with your LEO, a one-month renewal can be granted.


You must submit the following documents to your Local Enterprise Office to receive payment for the TOV application:

  • Both you and the provider of your choice must sign a declaration.
  • Your company’s tax identification number (CRO)
  • Certificate of Tax Exemption
  • The supplier’s invoice (with CRO, Tax Registration, and VAT details)
  • A bank statement demonstrating payment of the invoice
  • The supplier’s statement of completion of the project

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