The 5 Best Credit Repair Companies of 2022

There is a possibility for the occurrence of mistakes in a credit report. The errors are widespread yet a matter of concern because one can correct them themselves, but the process is time-consuming and exasperating. Good for us that credit repair companies can help us out. These companies get the credit report, check for mistakes, and correct them, and they also directly contact the creditors regarding any inaccuracy. Here we are going to see the 5 best credit repair companies

Top 5 credit repair companies 

Credit Saint ~ 1st and the Best all-rounder 

This company is considered the best of all because of its very accurate and direct policies, and they also give you a set of inexpensive and elaborate packages. The packages usually range from $79.99 to $120, and it depends upon the number of claims they will dispute. The basic plan, called the “Credit polish”, offers 5 shares a month and the ” clean state” plan, which allows an unlimited amount of claims a month. 

This company also offers a free consultation, and after you sign up with them, a separate team is allotted to you, and it is also made sure that they update everything to you. 


  • They guarantee to give the money back in 90-days 
  • The pricing policies are transparent and understandable
  • Availability of online option 
  • Budget-friendly options 


  • Very few availabilities
  • Online chat options are not available 

Lexington Law ~ Credit Repair Industry’s Leader 

They have experience of almost 2 decades in this field, and they are available all over the state. Most of the staff in this firm are attorneys and paralegals, so the company is known for its applications of law in every credit report to correct the inaccuracy. The company’s packages range from $ 90- $130 per month. They also have a mobile app for the company that allows users to track their credit process. 


  • Reliable because of their law time experience 
  • Availability of online communication
  • The employees are legal workers 


  • Only the most expensive plan allows credit monitoring.
  • Satisfaction is not guaranteed 
  • Few legal problems with the CFPM 
  • Most features are available only with the premium plans 

Sky Blue – Flexible subscriptions 

This company allows you to pause and resume your subscription whenever you like, and they also provide a 90-day money-back guarantee. They help you remove the credit inaccuracies, and they also offer you guidance on how to remove the debts and bring financial stability. This company had a comprehensive positive customer rating.


  • The money will be refunded in 90 days, and no conditions are applied.
  • Couples get a discount of 50% in a month 
  • 15 items can be repaired in 35 days 


  • Credit monitoring is not available 
  • Financial tools are not available

The credit People ~ Gives the best Guarantees.  

This company allows you to cancel the subscription whenever you want and refunds the whole amount. It has a meagre startup fee, unlike the other companies. It also provides online access options to credit scores, and you can contact customer care any time you want regarding your queries. 


  • Very affordable pricing 
  • Availability of customer service in all modes 
  • The startup fee is meagre 
  • You can access your credit score 


  • You cannot monitor the credit online 
  • Non-availability of financial management tools

Ovation Credit Repair ~ Provides the best offers. 

This company offers couples a 10% offer and 20% for seniors and defence members. There are two offers available for credit repair packages: the Essential and Essential plus. You get the basic required options in the essential plan, and there is also an advisor to guide you. There are added advantages in a crucial plus plan, such as credit report monitoring.


  • Various discounts and offer plans 
  • Can cancel any time 
  • Availability of financial management tools with all the plans 
  • Has a solid reputation 


  • The application can be made only through the phone 
  • Non-availability of 24*7 customer service 
  • Only the premium plan provides credit monitoring 


These are the 5 best credit repair companies, and they provide the best options which can be opted by the subscriber after proper consideration according to their requirement. These companies work on the customer’s behalf, so one must choose the best of all. Today, so many companies make false announcements and claims, cheat the customers, and fail to deliver the result. Therefore, one must thoroughly study the company before giving them the money. 

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