All about Blockchain Social Media

Blockchain is something which can’t be changed or get hacked easily because of its complex functions. Social media of blockchains platform which is decentralized, means it’s regulated by different companies or people. It also gives an allowance for development. These are much friendlier than a centralised network because a centralized network has its flaws.

The decentralized means they are not under any central things, and all information and data get stored according to the decentralised things. In this article, we will see more stuff about blockchain social media.

What are the benefits of blockchain social media?

User commoditisation: Data plays an important role; if someone has control of any personal data, they can also control their mind or social networking behaviour. If anyone searches something on Google, it links with other social media platforms and starts showing things related to this. A decentralised thing can protect people from these types of things.

Privacy: In centralised things, all user chat or private data can easily get hacked by anyone or people who are moderating the social media platforms can read all discussions and talks of people. On another side, blockchain social media give privacy to the people without interpreting in their private talks, discussions, or personal things of any social media platform.

Rewards opportunity: Many decentralised platforms offer some bonuses or rewards to their users for their different activities on social media. On another side, they also offer transactions of money in private with their cryptocurrencies. The central network can’t afford and offer these types of things to their users compared to decentralized platforms.

What are the best blockchain social media platforms?

Peepeth: It’s a popular platform, which is decentralised, and this platform uses IPFS or Ethereum blockchain system for detecting and storing all essential data of the users. It accepts all tips from the cryptocurrencies platform, and it can also interact with other decentralized blockchain social media.

Saipan: It’s a platform that works as news of social things and works with the Ethereum blockchain system. Here, people can receive many awards for their different moves, like commenting on posts, voting, or creating any unique content.

Diaspora: It’s a popular platform with many users because of its unique and safe function. It’s like a world, which is based on online things, respect the privacy of people, and give them the freedom to do anything without any spam or hack worries.

The Sum up

Many blockchain social media platforms are present on the internet, which are famous for their different function and their different freedom of privacy. Most people choose these types of platforms because they want the privacy of their chats or their private photos, which can get leaked on any central control platform.

The blockchain changes the view of people because now people have the option where they can choose the right thing for them. People can search for some best platforms of blockchain to visit where they can get more benefits from any social platform.

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