The Biggest Name In The Saving And Investment Industry- Chip

Get to know the creators of the Chip

They are a rapidly growing team of data scientists, developers, writers, designers, marketers, entrepreneurs, and more. Visit their blog to know what more they’ve been up to.

Their vision and mission

  • To have a plan.
  • Save wisely.
  • Not difficult.

Chip is a free app that works hard automatically to keep your savings and gives you amazing interest rates. Join over 400,000 people and download Chip now.

The best prices and big wins

The average savings rate in the UK is under 0.1% and they at chip believed it deserves a better return. So they created an app-solute solution for it.

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  • They offer you incredible prices.

They negotiate with the bank, saving you the hassle, to offer you the best savings rate. Page comparisons are no longer necessary.

  • Looking for better returns.

Invest your savings by partnering with the largest wealth management companies in the world such as BlackRock.

  • Save more money.

With their advanced technology, you can easily turn your beer money on vacation and vacation into something that changes your life. On average, the Chip Saver automatically saves around £ 3,000 per year.

  • Save money without even realizing it.

Use award-winning artificial intelligence to automatically increase your savings.

  • Save more on payday.

The Payday Put Away tool deposits the funds on the day the payment is received.

Excellent trusted business

More than 400,000 people trust them. And that number is growing fast! Sign up today – ask your friends – maybe they’ll give you a signup bonus.

Security is at par.

Your savings should give you security. That’s why they don’t compromise and they don’t take risks. Any money you contribute will be covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). All of the savings accounts are guaranteed by licensed UK banks such as the Official Bank of the United Kingdom.

Award-winning customer support.

Customer support is available around the clock the whole week. They also offer bank-wide encryption. The data is protected with a 256-bit or higher encryption. They are driven by the idea to bring about a change in the community. They are supported by a community of over 17,000 people who believe in their mission to invest in them and create the best savings accounts in the world.

They believe in creating a platform for like-minded people that not only invest them to save but also learn and grow. Tips are more than just a savings account. Joining Chip means you can still make incredible savings or invest your money with ease, all without red tape or hassle. This is the best place and signing up for the standard tip is free. You can also use your ChipX subscription (£ 3 every 28 days) to take your savings to the next level at any time. See the pricing page for more information. Join this amazing hub today using Chip referral.

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